Aztec and Maya Myths (The Legendary Past) by Karl Taube

By Karl Taube

The myths of the Aztec and Maya derive from a shared Mesoamerican cultural culture. this is often a great deal a residing culture and lots of of the motifs and gods pointed out in early resources are nonetheless evoked within the lore of latest Mexico and significant the United States. Professor Taube discusses different assets for Aztec and Maya myths. The Aztec empire begun under two hundred years sooner than the Spanish conquests and data in their mythology derives basically from local colonial records and manuscripts commissioned by way of the Spanish. The Maya mythology is way older and proof survives from local writing and artwork of the vintage interval, over six hundred years ahead of the Spanish conquest. Drawing upon those assets, in addition to nineteenth- and 20th-century excavations and examine, together with the translation of the codices and decipherment of Maya hieroglyphic writing, the writer discusses, among others, the "Popol Vuh" myths of the Maya, the flood fantasy of northern Yucatan and the Aztec production myths.

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Aztec and Maya Myths (The Legendary Past)

The myths of the Aztec and Maya derive from a shared Mesoamerican cultural culture. this is often greatly a residing culture and plenty of of the motifs and gods pointed out in early resources are nonetheless evoked within the lore of latest Mexico and vital the United States. Professor Taube discusses the several resources for Aztec and Maya myths.

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The twins then agree to spare the people of Xibalba, but tell them that they will never again be powerful: The Maya maizegod. Stone sculpture (Museum of Mankind, London)from Temple 22, c oP an, Honduras, Late Classic period. v AZTEC AND MAYA MYTHS MAYA MYTHOLOGY All of you listen, you Xibalbans: because of this, your day and your descendants will not be great. Moreover, the gifts you receive will no longer be great, but reduced to scabrous nodules of sap. There will be no clearly blotted blood for you, just griddles, just gourds, just little things broken to pieces.

Then the sky would fall, it would fall down upon the earth, when the four gods, the four Bacabs, were set up, who brought about the destruction of the world. As in the Popol Vuh, the Yucatec flood episode includes the destruction of an earlier, thoughtless race of people; however, the Yucatec texts do not specifythe material from which this ancient race was made. The Mani and Tizimin versions of the flood also mention the killing of a great earth caiman known as Itzam Cab Ain, Giant Fish Earth Caiman, whichis identified with the earth as well as the flood.

45-50; 45,48 Hunahpu 16-17,58-62, 64-7, 73; 64-671 Hun Baa 56-8,64 Hun Came 56,60 Hun Chouen 5 6 4 6 4 Hun Hunahpu 56-8,63-4,73; 63,6677 Huracan 54; 54 caiman 13,37,69-70; 13,52, 73 cacao 63-4; 63 calendar 7,8,13-15. 72-4; 14,43 Calendar Stone zq: A? Cantares de ~ z i t i i i c 1z5~ Caso, A. 28 Cathenvood, F. 46, 48 cod~ces18-19,+1-z, 25, +7. 32,33,67,7+-3,76; 1 2 , 15, 4. 40,43,48, 68,71,7~,73 Coe, M. D. 29 constellationssee stars Copan 8,66 corn see maize Cortiz, H. 50 dawn IS,&-4, 47,6+; 1s.

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