Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism by M.D., By Thomas Inman

By M.D., By Thomas Inman

The call for which has sprung up for this paintings has brought on the writer to make it extra whole than it used to be initially. however it couldn't be made excellent with out being improved right into a quantity whose dimension will be incompatible with cheapness. while each determine would provide a textual content for an extended discourse, an in depth awareness is needed lest an outline could be constructed right into a dissertation. during this paintings, the writer is obliged to restrict himself to the reason of symbols, and can't release out into historic and smooth faiths, other than in as far as they're typified via convinced traditional symptoms.

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The branch is emblematic of the arbor vitæ; or tree of life, and its powers of sprouting. Such a symbol is, by outsiders, figured on the houses of newly married couples amongst the Jews of Morocco, and se'ms to indicate the desire of friends that the man will show that he is vigorous, and able to have many sprouts from the tree of life. It will be noticed that on the fillet round the god’s head are arranged many crosses. From Hislop’s Two Babylons, and Smith’s Dictionary, p. 208. Figs. 3 and 5 are intended to show the prevalence of the use of spots on priestly dresses; they are copied from Hislop’s Two Babylons, and Wilkinson, vol.

Male and female. In the original the central part of the figure is occupied by the triad and the unit, but far too grossly shown for reproduction here. They are replaced by the crux ansata. The reader will notice the triad and the serpent in the male hand, whilst in the female is to be seen a germinating seed, indicative ot the relative duties of father and mother. The whole stands upon a lotus, the symbol of androgyneity. ” PLATE VIII. Is Devi, the same as Parvati, or Bhavani. It is copied from Moor’s Pantheon, plate xxx.

Or, as we may otherwise express it, the married and the immaculate virgin. Fig. 5 is copied from Sharpe’s Egyptian Mythology, p. 15. It represents one of the Egyptian trinities, and is highly symbolic, not only indicating the triad, here 12 Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys, but its union with the female element. The central god Osiris is himself triune, as he bears the horns symbolic of the goddess Athor and the feathers of the god Ra. Fig. 6 is a Hindoo sectarial mark, from Moor’s Hindu Pantheon. The lozenge indicates the yoni.

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