Anatomia Para El Movimiento I Spanish by Blandine Calais-Germanin

By Blandine Calais-Germanin

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Add this all up and we have a body which is propelled by a 24-trillion cylinder engine. Now there’s horsepower! ” What would happen if I began to focus in on each of the cylinders? I would be drawn ever deeper into a labyrinth of incredible complexity, which is precisely what has happened to medical science. Lost in the maze is the simple imperative of the body’s function: movement. Once we are disoriented and demoralized by all the twists and turns and blind alleys, movement seems inconsequential and hardly worth bothering about.

We may not all have “the right stuff,” but we all do have the right angles, or at least our anatomical design calls for them. Those right angles provide a most important piece of anatomical information about the body and its functions: We are upright, load bearing, all-terrain, all-weather motion machines. If man ever goes the way of the dinosaurs and our planet is visited by extraterrestrial paleontologists searching for clues as to the identity of Earth’s former inhabitants, they would surely recognize (just as we recognized from the shape and size of the fossil remains that pterodactyls were designed to fly) that whatever else the mysterious bipeds may have been capable of doing—speaking, tool making, reasoning—they were intended to walk, to run, to jump, to dance—to move.

The other side was just there. It wasn’t the fault of tennis. It was his fault and the fault of the youngster’s coaches. The body does its damndest to do what we tell it to do. When the pectoralis major, the anterior portion of the deltoid and the biceps brachii, can’t handle the forehand stroke of the tennis racquet the way they’re supposed to, the body will enlist other muscles to help out. After a while the body starts looking like a lifeboat with all the passengers crowded onto one side. The boat rolls over; the body starts hurting.

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