An Introduction to Natural Hygiene by Herbert M. Shelton

By Herbert M. Shelton

Booklet by means of Shelton, Herbert M.

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In this sense, the “fragmentary” quality of the memory itself carries meaning, as do other seeming anomalies of dream memory. Anyone who has kept dream records for any length of time has probably had the experience of remembering a piece of a dream and not knowing exactly where in the narrative to put it. Does it go here? Or earlier? Or later? Or . .? ” However, my experience with such “floating fragments” is that 39 they tend to be like more isolated dream fragments remembered alone—that is, internally complete and carrying metaphors evocative of the main themes of the longer dream of which they form a part.

Many times I have had the experience of working with someone’s dream and getting no tingles from the dreamer, only to discover later that what was said and suggested turned out to be very productive. Sometimes someone will come to a dream group with a dream that defies the efforts of the entire group to evoke any tingles. Often this person will return to the group later with another dream which is very similar in important ways to the first dream (a dream exhibiting similar settings and involving similar emotions and similar figures).

It is only after the fact that we become aware of the ways in which governments waged war on their own populations to support their military ventures. The Christian admonition to “Love your enemies” is then at this level a psychological necessity. We must learn to love our enemies, both as a practical 44 necessity for planetary survival, and as an exercise in self-knowledge and selfrecognition. The “others” whom we hate and fear are, at one level, invariably mirrors of our own repressed energies and potentials.

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