An Anthology of I Ching by W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

By W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

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It was signed by the Third-Degree members Robat (Raymond Buckland), Phoenix (Theos’s husband), Ea (Ed Fitch), and Sea, as well as the First-Degree members Gillis, Retep, Puck, and Tanith. Theos and Phoenix took over responsibility for the New York Coven with great enthusiasm, moved the covenstead to their home in Commack, New York, and quickly rebuilt the group. It is a great distance from Manhattan to Commack in Suffolk County, Long Island, but the coven’s members seem to have made that trek happily at least once a month—many made it about once a week.

In the former category there is much overlapping of membership with Neopagan organizations. Here we might logically expect to find a level of networking associations: of Neopagans, of Ceremonial Magicians, and perhaps of members of other magical religions. But, in practice, these various people do not regard their religions as similar enough to comfortably allow common worship services (it took Witches and Ceremonialists quite a while to grasp this). However, these people do attend each other’s semipublic gatherings as individuals if they choose.

Some items associated with air are the cardinal direction east, intellect, energy, endeavor, sociability, squandering, frivolity, the color yellow, the metal silver, the wand (the Witches’ tool), and the wand that represents one of the Tarot card suits. See Also: Earth; Fire; Sylphs; Wand; Water Further Reading Cirlot, J. E. A Dictionary of Symbols. New York: Dorset Press, 1991. Heisler, Roger. Path to Power. York Beach, ME: Weiser, 1990. Alexandrian Tradition The Alexandrian Tradition is, in terms of ritual, a minor variant on Gardnerian Witchcraft, although its adherents now far outnumber orthodox Gardnerians.

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