Allegorical speculation in an oral society: the Tabwa by Robert Cancel

By Robert Cancel

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By contrast, some stol)1cllcrs welcome such commeniS and queries from their listeners, often incorporating their contributions into the ongoing narrative. Similarly. the tales can be framed in ways that sociolinguist William Lahov calls "internal" and "external" (Labov 1972). An internal strategy moves the talc along with little or no reference to iL• thematic or moral message. and an external approach keeps such messages on the surface of the unfolding story. continually reminding an audience of the point of the narrative.

That a ste>ry is cgmplcW!? is impression? Shklovsky investigates some types of parallel· ism which seem to produce structurally satisfying plots: the move from one relationship between characters to its opposite. from a prediction or fear to a realization of that prediction. from a problem to itS solution, from a false accusation or misrepresentation of Ulc siruation to a rectification. ler is referring here to audience expectations and lhe way a plot must in some way gratify lhcm. He mentions parallelism and describes inversion.

He took her and married her. They lived [together happily]. And tltis kashimi is over. NPI, "Young Man Brings Monitor Lizard down from Tree," is a well-detailed. tightly woven narrative. It is composed of four episodes. UlC last of wl\ich is an expansible image. , singular or plural. o; on. (ess 10 an auditmce or act as a m~ker, a p:~use, in lhe now of words. rir . , . en . • . he went" "l7 UIJwali is the Tabwa sl3plc f(l()d. e observation. 29 A c:orrunon saying implying you lad propcr training in etiquette.

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