Handley Page Victor K Mk. 2 by Roger Chesneau

By Roger Chesneau

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Torque pressure gage 22. Deleted 2:i. Generator warning light 24. Accelerometer 25. J:ngine gage unit 26. Cylinder head temperature indicator 27. Radio magnetic (course) indicator 28. Rate of climb indicator 28A. Elapsed time clock 29. Rudder pedal adjustment crank 30. Turn and bank (air driven) indicator 30A. Chartboard 31. Altimeter 32. Tachometer 321\. \Vater injection switch 33. -4. Ignition switch 35. Dive check list Most Navy and Marine single-seat ADs carried some type of external radar for all-weather bombing.

Navy) DOUGLAS A-I SKYRAIDER 33 This VMC-l AD-4N has the light gray national insignia and red Modex lettering that was used for night operations during the latter months of the Korean War by Marine Corps squadrons. Named Janet, the AD-4N was based at K- 16, Seoul City Airport. (Charles Trask) weapons rack, with an Aero 1A adapter and T-28 weapons ;saddle, carried the l,lOO-pound Mk. 7 atomic bomb on the centerline of the aircraft. With a yield of up to 70 kilotons, it would be necessary for the AD-4B pilot to del iver the bomb using an over-the-shoulder, toss-bombing technique, with an Aero 18C armament control system aided by the Mod 4 Bombing Director.

The first aircraft has open nose flaps, while the second aircraft's are closed. s. Navy) against the North Vietnamese torpedo boat bases in retaliation for the Tonkin Gulf Incident, it would be Navy A-1 s that performed the task. The Navy put two carrier task groups on-station for operations over Vietnam. One carrier off the coast of South Vietnam, known as Dixie Station. In the Gulf of Tonkin, as many as three attack carriers were on Yankee Station. The flight crews on Yankee Station flew missions into North Vietnam and Laos.

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