Advanced FileMaker Pro 2002 Web Development by Bob Bowers, Moyer, Bowers

By Bob Bowers, Moyer, Bowers

This ebook covers all point of net publishing with FileMaker professional

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HTML, on the other hand, is such a rule set—a rule set that describes the permissible forms of markup for an HTML document. Think of XML as a simpler form of SGML—a way to generate sets of rules that describe document content. HTML, on the other hand, is a particular rule set, one that can be described in an SGML document definition. So now we understand the concept of markup, but what problem does it solve? Here are a few: ♦ Proprietary data interchange formats ♦ Non-semantic data formats ♦ Non-hierarchical data formats Ideally, a data format is a) open and b) tells you not only what the data is but what it means.

Then go into the Access screen and click on the password that your web users will be using in the second column. While it's highlighted, click on the dot in front of your web group to add it to that group. Make sure that it's not part of any other groups. Then click on the name of your group to activate it. Now you'll be able to deselect those layouts and fields that you don't want that group to have access to. If you need more information about how to use the Overview screen, refer to the FileMaker Help system.

This concludes our discussion of how to protect web databases using FileMaker's built-in access privileges. If you take a few simple and reasonable precautions, you can rest easier knowing your data is safe. Protecting Your Databases with the Web Security Databases The other method for protecting your web site is through the Web Security Databases. Most people find that there's a slight learning curve associated with their use. The main advantages that the Web Security Databases have over FileMaker's built-in access privileges are that you can administer your security settings remotely, require both a user name and a password, and keep your web users and FileMaker users separate from each other.

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