Ace Your Exercise and Nutrition Science Project by Robert Gardner

By Robert Gardner

How does antibacterial cleaning soap have an effect on micro organism? What nutrition meets your strength necessities? how are you going to degree blood strain, metabolic cost, and energy? younger scientists find out about the medical approach whereas experimenting with hygiene and well-being. Many experiments during this booklet contain rules you should use for technology reasonable tasks.

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3 What Is Your Blood Pressure? Materials: an adult a volunteer an instrument to measure blood pressure Pressure is defined as force per area (force ÷ area). The pressure you exert on the floor is your weight divided by the area of your shoes touching the floor. Blood pressure is the force that blood exerts against the surface area of blood vessel walls. Blood pressure in arteries is greatest when the heart is contracting, forcing more blood into these vessels. It is lowest when the heart is between pumps.

Several body systems cooperate to provide our bodies with energy and movement. The digestive system turns the food we eat into the fuel we need for energy. Our respiratory system provides oxygen to release energy from the fuel. Our circulatory system carries the fuel and oxygen to all parts of our bodies. Our urinary, excretory, and respiratory systems remove waste materials from our bodies. Our skeletal and muscular systems provide support and allow our bodies to move. The nervous system carries the impulses from the brain and spinal cord that cause muscles to contract.

However, judges at such fairs do not reward projects or experiments that are simply copied from a book. For example, a picture of a food pyramid, which is commonly found at these fairs, would probably not impress judges unless it was done in a novel or creative way. On the other hand, a carefully performed experiment to determine the amount of energy in different snack foods would probably receive careful consideration. Science fair judges tend to reward creative thought and imagination. However, it’s difficult to be creative or imaginative unless you are really interested in your project.

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