Abigail (People of the Promise, No 7) by James R. Shott

By James R. Shott

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The kiss on her lips was tender. The dayand weekahead would be glorious. "Thank you for a wonderful night," he murmured, his lips barely moving against her cheek. " She luxuriated in the security of the arms which held her. Such strong arms. She felt so safe. And then the meaning of his last statement struck her.  . " Page 44 He looked into her eyes. He seemed genuinely sad. "I regret I must leave. " She wasn't able to say what she wanted to say. That the wedding night was only a beginning, not an end.

He anointed Kenaz with holy oil, but Abigail wondered how an oil blessed by a Levite rophe would be any better than the oil she had bought from the caravan. He prayed, chanting ancient psalms, but nothing helped. Before sunset, the rophe rose to leave. "I've done all I can," he muttered. " Abigail nodded. That was probably a standard answer when the healer failed to heal. She gave the Levite several raisin cakes and a silver coin, then sent him back to Carmel. The next day, Hezro returned. He came directly to Abigail.

Page 29 "It's a good thing I did, my husband. David and his men were on their way here. He had sworn an oath before Yahweh that no male creature on your property would be alive by nightfall. " Kenaz lurched forward and leaned on the table. He swept the plate with its remaining raisin cakes to the ground. Only the table between them prevented him from doing the same to her. His breath came in gasps.  .  . " Abigail took a step backward, changed her mind, and returned to the table. As long as the table was between them he could not strike her.

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