A World of Others' Words: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on by Richard Bauman

By Richard Bauman

Drawing on his paintings in Iceland, eire, Scotland, North the USA, Ghana, and Fiji, linguistic anthropologist and folklorist Richard Bauman offers a sequence of ethnographic case stories that provide a gleaming examine intertextuality as communicative perform.

  • A interesting standpoint on intertextuality: the concept that written and spoken texts converse to each other, e.g. via style or allusions.
  • Presents a sequence of ethnographic case reviews to demonstrate the topic.
  • Draws on a large variety of oral performances and literary documents from around the world.
  • The author’s advent units a framework for the research of style, practice and intertextuality.
  • Shows how performers combination genres, e.g., telling tales approximately riddles or legends approximately magical verses, or developing revenues pitches.

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NorQmann’s father’s story, the interpretive talk of those who commented on the story, and Mr. NorQmann’s own recounting of it to the folklorist. I have intended in my examination of the text to suggest how an analysis of the management of these contextualizations may illuminate certain other foundational concepts beyond context itself, specifically genre and tradition. Genre is a classificatory concept, a way of sorting out conventionalized discourse forms on the basis of form, function, content, or some other factor or set of factors.

But at the finish up, he coaxed her [sic] to tell, and he told her, “Well,” he says, told her about the King giving the guesses. ” But here, this is where Jack comes in. There was a man, Silly Jack, wasn’t there? So Jack . . She goes and she tells Jack. He was a workin’ hand aboot the place, but he was a kinda daft fella, this, and she goes and tells him what happened, his [sic] father was goin’ tae . . Anyway. So Jack made a bargain wi’ her. ” You see? So anyway, the father’s goin’ aboot worried, he cannae think.

How does Jack beat the King at his interactional game? ” Let us examine the transformations one by one. These elements of the tales remain remarkably consistent across all three tellings in our corpus. Accordingly, the transformational strategies that the two youths employ in Alec and John Stewart’s versions are the same as those that Jack employs in the version recounted by Andrew. ,” Jack’s strategy is to transform it from an unanswerable control question into something more nearly akin to a riddle he can answer.

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