A study of Daphnis & Chloe by R. L. Hunter

By R. L. Hunter

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34 The Lesbian setting of the novel allows Longus to make pointed use of the poetry of Sappho (cf. below pp. 73-6) and may indeed partly have been dictated by this possibility. Like many other allusions in the novel, however, this reference remains in the background and is not laboured or thrust harshly before us. 2). 78)35 but Longus is here primarily thinking of Theocritus, Epigr. aAo

2 are soon forgotten (cf. 1 e€Oc; ... V€OC; ... Kat. 1). Longus' Eros is a mixture of traits and hints derived from a variety of traditions and no attempt to put an interpretative straitjacket on him will succeed. 2). alvw Kat. 58 This notion is both suitably bucolic and does indeed suggest the caring deity of the mystery religions. It was, however, not entirely new to literature. Already in Pindar the Erotes are described in the following meta- . phorical terms, OWL Kat. €1To"AT/oavIKv1Tplac; owpwv (Nem.

I'J",,' (Theocr. 82-8) Modern critics have concluded from a combination of this passage, Theocr. aAOLaLV, 8VU€pWTa "ai. aciCPVL' ... dT€ a'YPoLKo, "ai ahmAo, "ai €PWV "ai V€O, ... Tilv Av"aivLOv i"fT€v€v i5n TaXLaTa 8t8a~aL Tilv T€XVTW, 8t' 11, 0 {30VA€TaL 8pciu€L XAfrr1V, that goatherds were traditionally unlucky or inexperienced in love,2s but it is noteworthy that at least one scholiast interpreted Theocr. €V €A€'Y€V' {30V"OAO, WV, cpT/uiv, ou "aTei {30V"OAOV, €pcu,. i~LV €'Y"paT€i" ToiJvavnov 8€ Aa'YvoTaTOL oi al7rOAoL.

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