A History of National Accounting by A. Vanoli

By A. Vanoli

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45-53, see the appendix to this chapter). Stone’s Nobel Lecture, Nobel Memorial Lecture 1984. The Accounts of Society, was published in the Journal o f Applied Econometrics (1986, vol. 1, pp. 5-28). Neither Copeland nor Leontief are mentioned. A presentation and discussion of the first British accounts of 1941, making use of reactions collected at that time, is found in Oleg Arkhipoff’s Introduction a la comptabilite nationale. Q u ’est-ce que I ’economie nationale? [Introduction to National Accounting.

That is not the case for France, which will be lagging behind with poor statistics and a lack of official interest. Leopold Duge de Bernonville, a statistician from France’s General Statistics, carries on Clement Colson’s works for 1913, and publishes annually and privately an estimate o f private incomes from 1933 to the war, in the Revue d'Economie Politique. He will also cover the period 1920-1939 but with a weak statistical basis. In 1939, in the same publication (January-February), Alfred Sauvy and Raymond Rivet analyse these assessments, but they adjust the 1936 total estimate by a mere 6%, while noting that the levels of the industry and trade profits are, even after update, at the lower limit, as no correction had been made to take tax evasion into account.

TABLE I - The national income of Great Britain c. 0 (9) Foreign trade and shipping (12) Interest other than National Debt. 0 act thoughtlessly. Vauban did not have much data but demonstrated the rigor of an engineer, as Lavoisier demonstrated the rigor o f a chemist. Puzzling situations occur; the reverend Henry Beeke (see Box 5) shows a surprising capability for handling statistics. Obviously, it depends mostly on the scope and quality o f the available information. From this point of view, England is much more advanced than France.

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