A Clear Mirror by Traktung Dudjom Lingpa, Chonyi Drolma, Tharchin Lama

By Traktung Dudjom Lingpa, Chonyi Drolma, Tharchin Lama

A transparent replicate is the autobiographical account of a saint, a genius, a virtuoso who has granted readers what's such a lot infrequent in own debts: complete entry to his awesome internal existence. Dudjom Lingpa was once a nineteenth century Tibetan visionary and nice Perfection grasp whose legacy of meditation teachings has swept internationally due to the fact his lifetime, due partly to the foreign presence of his re-incarnate successor, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche. even though the style of biography is very common in Tibetan Buddhism, this can be not like to whatever but translated into English.
This is strictly what Dudjom Lingpa does in his trilogy of auto-biographies. even though he used to be brilliantly winning in his multi-faceted profession as a instructor to incalculable outstanding disciples, a prolific author with no less than twenty-one extant volumes of composition which are nonetheless studied world wide, and a Treasure revealer within the educating process distinct to tantric Buddhism, his tales provide us anything else. during this ebook we're proven the very factor that prime lamas regard as such a lot sacred and intimate: non secular evolution through the lens of inner-most visionary existence, cinematic in scope, choked with interesting beings, either divine and demonic. Dudjom Lingpa offers readers entry to his enlightenment process—from studying the right way to meditate as much as the top tantric practices—as simply he can have skilled it. This ebook, choked with bright and interesting visions and dreamscapes, is replete with experience in addition to daily meditation recommendation. a person drawn to a innovative outlook on own transformation will get pleasure from and make the most of those stories.

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Ultimate Unsurpassable Pure Land, a place self-manifest, Is the true capital of the body of ultimate enlightenment. The doctrine of Great Perfection Will lead you to mastery of your own awareness. It’s not far off — isn’t that astonishing? Longchen Rabjam is my sole father. Having actually met him today, He gave me pills that grant liberation upon taste. Their flavor of bliss-emptiness has inebriated me: Now I’ve found the path to freedom! Friends, assembly of fortunate men and women, Connected through our past lives’ deeds and their fruition, Focus your minds on positive virtue And you will seize the path to freedom!

I respectfully bowed before him. The moment I touched his feet, he smiled, placed his right hand upon my head and prayed, “My child, at this very moment may nonconceptual wisdom, the enlightened mindstream of the victors and their spiritual heirs of the three times, shift to your mind. ” As instructed, I sat there and listened. The supreme master told me, “This lama of yours, called Jamyang, is an emanation of Bodhisattva Dribpa Namsel, Dispeller of Obscurations. You have a connection with him as your spiritual guide throughout five lifetimes.

Hold to your own ground! This is a key piece of advice. By doing just that, every adverse condition will become your ally. Immediately after speaking, she vanished as if in a dream. • • • THAT SAME YEAR, at night on the tenth day of the twelfth month, I dreamt that light appeared in the eastern sky, white like the conch color of the fifteenth day’s full moon. Within a dense expanse of white clouds, I saw crowds of busy, bustling people and heard the clamor of many different sounds. This sight drew closer and closer until finally it arrived directly in front of my face.

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