15 Minute Stretching Workout by Suzanne Martin

By Suzanne Martin

No time to workout? No challenge! With fold-out workout charts and an workout DVD, the 15-Minute health sequence supplies readers every little thing they should squeeze normal workout periods into even the main stressful day. Stretching is without doubt one of the such a lot important-and so much neglected-components of each work out. With the 15 Minute Stretching work out you could discover ways to stretch like a professional!

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A typical gravitational pull creates a forward-jutting chin, a tight chest, and rounded shoulders. Carrying on down the body, the abdomen becomes lax and the low back becomes tighter. A domino effect continues on into the legs, shortening the front of the thighs and creating a loose area around the glutes. The endresult is an off-center line, with tight calves causing the body weight to fall back into the heels (see p14). It’s no wonder joints wear out before their time. We’re all living longer, so our joints—which are a key factor in our quality of life—are important to us.

Repeat 2 more times, inhaling as you look up, and exhaling as you look down. Bring the arm down and repeat 3 times on the other side. Roll to sit up. Take a deep breath, and relax. indd 29 86BB$'LQGG 16/2/09 22:35:49  coordinating alligator/cat 30 17 Alligator/Cat Go onto your hands and knees. Lengthen your back so it is parallel to the floor, like a table top, then inhale, round your back, tuck your tailbone in, and look toward your navel. lift the abs 18 Exhale, lengthen your back, then sway your hips and head toward each other.

Think of it as flossing your nerves. They need to stretch and glide, too. The model in the Modified cobra is getting way more off of the floor than I am. Does it matter? Again, less can be more in this instance, too. Intent goes a long way when we are meeting the boundaries of our limitations. The whole idea is to find out how far you can go in a certain direction. Honor that limitation; don’t force it. But meet the boundary, watch the model, and think of the direction of the motion, not so much the endpoint.

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